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The team at Minor Marketing are focused on providing a service dedicated to you. Your business is the product of years of blood, sweat and tears – and it’s your baby. We get it. So our advisers focus on researching the industry and providing solid guidance and advice on how to achieve your marketing goals. 

From SEO targeted copy to Social Media content creation and post management, we have a solution that will take the weight of your shoulders and push your business in front of the desired audience.

Business Quality Policy

Our team want you to be pleased with the work provided. By ensuring that our team carry out industry relevant research, you can sit safe in the knowledge that we are providing the correct advice for your company. 

Marketing and Creative Design CEO

Why Minor Marketing?

Laura – our founder – has been working in PR, Marketing & Events related roles for over five years, and noticed that small and medium businesses owned by family friends were struggling with what they “should” be doing to market their business. 

The idea started at her local pub, where independent tradesmen asked how Social Media could benefit their company, and from here she decided to create a business. 

At the time, Laura and her partner owned a beautiful two door saloon Morris Minor called Ruby – because she was a deep maroon colour. This was used as the company car initially, before being purchase by Laura’s Father. By then, the name had stuck!

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